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Valentines Survey Template

Valentines Survey Template by QuestionPro consists of questions asking about what a woman would want for valentine's day. In this sample survey template, there is a balanced mix of demographic questions and questions related to personal gift choices for Valentine's day. This questionnaire helps a surveyor understand what a woman wants for the special day, what are the qualities she looks for in her partner, where would she want to spend the day with someone special. This survey also helps in gaining insights about what gifts/flowers/chocolates/accessories are absolutely preferred by them.

What Do Women Want For Valentine's Day?
Find out by answering this short survey.
Are you...

Do men know what women want?
If you are female... Which of the following would you want the most from your significant other this Valentines Day?

If you are male... Which of the following do you think your significant other would want the most this Valentines Day?

How romantic do you expect this Valentines Day to be?
Do you think Valentines Day is the best day of the year to get engaged?

Which is the most important quality you look for when choosing a significant partner?

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