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Value Proposition Survey Questions for Customers and Sample Questionnaire Template

Use these value proposition survey questions for your voice of customer surveys. This sample questionnaire template measures both the satisfaction and the importance of your value propositions to your customers. With this questionnaire, you can gauge the value in your products as perceived by your customers and use it to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This free value proposition survey template can be used to learn how satisfied customers are with your staff and products. It is ready to be used in your research studies and can be customized as per your needs.

Based on your experience with [COMPANY], please indicate your level of agreement with each statement.
Considering your overall experience, how satisfied are you with our company?
Would you refer our company to your friend or colleague?
Do you have any comments suggestions for (COMPANY)?
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Top 3 Reasons to use value proposition survey template

1. Measure the value of your offerings
Customers need to find value in your products or services to recommend it to their friends and family. Pricing and packaging may be important, but if they don't offer customers value, they may switch to your competitors. This questionnaire lets you determine what customers are looking for. Based on the responses, you can take necessary steps in providing maximum value to your customers.

2. Build customer trust
This sample value proposition questionnaire lets you determine the value for money your products or services offer. You can use the valuable customer feedback to improve your offerings and grow customers’ trust.

3. Build customer loyalty
Loyalty is important for repeat purchases and positive word of mouth. Happy and loyal customers are your biggest brand advocates, more effective than any promotional or marketing campaigns. It is directly proportional to the value your offerings provide. So, use this template and bring about necessary changes to your products and services.