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HR Professionals & Convicted Felons

Project Abstract

Hiring strategies for HR professionals and convicted felons are complicated. When is it acceptable to give a convicted felon a second chance? Although the company the HR professional represents needs manpower, they will overlook qualified individuals because of the label “convicted felon.â€�? Most potential new hires are excluded from being interviewed by being truthful about their conviction on the application. Others are being excluded by being discovered after hire that they have a past conviction that they did not mention on the application or during the interview and are immediately terminated by their employer.

• Can a convicted felon pay their debt to society and successfully rejoin society as a productive citizen?
• How can convicted felons avoid the possibility of recidivism? What kinds of jobs are available to them in order to support their families?
• Why does a 3 year sentence in prison for a felon feel like a life sentence in society?
• What social services are available to felons exiting the prison system?
• How are convicted felons treated by law enforcement after their conviction?

Surveys released for this project:
Thesis Survey 29
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