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M-Payment Micropayments

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M-Commerce has developed significantly in the past five years. Awareness, competition and market demand have built up quickly, prompting a migration of interests for companies worldwide, with both major and minor players adapting their strategies in anticipation of the next commercial trend. The increased attention to M-Payments has highlighted the E-Commerce micropayment issue, which has been adopted by the Wireless industry due to the characteristics of the mobile platform. With two of the world’s largest industries in a state of competitive co-operation, which systems seem most likely to succeed in this new economy? This paper will focus on activities in the M-Payments sector of M-Commerce, investigating the various proposed transaction models by focussing on Micropayments, the transaction of very small payments by digital means. By viewing the business models, legislation, market forces and current developments in the Micropayments and M-Payment industries, the objective is to propose the most suitable systems for enabling the new wave of commercial activity.

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