University of Liverpool

Project Description

A comparison of Employer and Employee opinions of fringe benefits

Project Abstract

We are seeking to establish whether the non salary benefits employers are providing for their staff are found to be motivational for those employees that receive those benefits. We will consider all fringe benefits from pensions through life assurance and other insurance benefits to lifestyle benefits like health club memberships, retail vouchers and personal development training.

The author believes that there are 2 fundamental issues with the design and delivery of employee benefits in the United Kingdom:

1. Benefits are designed with little reference to the desires of employees. This often results in packages that provide advantages to employers rather than satisfaction for employees.
2. Whilst many employers spend significant amounts over and above their salary bills the communication of these benefits, their cost to the employer and value to the employee, are very poor.

Surveys released for this project:
Employee Fringe Benefits Survey for MBA Dissertati 188
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