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Mid-Career Job Burnout

Project Abstract

Today’s work environment has a complex dynamic of psychological and organization influences on employee satisfaction and can lead to job burnout in mid-career employees. Employee attrition as a result of job burnout is a loss to the organization’s efficiency. Mid-career employees have a wealth of experience to draw from which permits them to operate at higher productivity rates than junior employees while maintaining a high level of quality. Past training costs and other employee investments contribute to their higher levels of productivity and quality. Mid-career employees experience job burnout at higher rates than junior or senior employees. Work efficiencies are lost to the organization if the mid-career employee attrition rates are at disproportionately high levels.
The objectives for the depth component of the KAM are:
1. To examine the root causes behind employee job satisfaction, motivation, and intrinsic rewards as researched in the Breath section of the KAM, and to identify how the theorist works apply to mid-career employees experiencing burnout.
2. To identify current trends in the work environment, which may have positive and negative influences on employee job satisfaction.
3. To identify how leading organization address employee’s needs for a productive work environment to avoid burnout.
4. To identify gaps in the work environment that can lead to job dissatisfaction.

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