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Project Description

A Branding Strategy for Independent Television News

Project Abstract

Project title

A Branding Strategy to place the ITN brand in the position to compete against the BBC, Sky, CNN and Fox News in the news production/reporting market


The supplied brief will be incorporated into the research, strategy and evaluation.
An analysis of the news consumption market will be conducted with a consideration of ITN’s strategic options.

1. ITN’s positioning in the new news marketplace
2. Marketing of the brand and related products in line with the structure and capability of ITN’s overall business

All requested aspects outlined in the brief will be incorporate into the report, namely:

1. ITN competitor analysis across news platform
2. Analysis of brand offering
3. ITN’s strengths and weaknesses in its current branding approach
4. ITN’s current brand profile and future brand development strategy.
5. Suggestion of coherent future tactics and market opportunities.
6. Cost consideration for achieving ROI.

In order to reach these demands, it is necessary to develop these ideas into the strategic framework outlined below

Strategic Framework

I. Marketing Audit:

Analyse the macro-environment
PEST Analysis of News Consumption Market

Analyse the micro-environment
ITN Company Analysis
ITN Competitor Analysis
ITN Customer Analysis

Audit summary
SWOT Analysis of micro-environment from branding perspective

II. Key Issues and Implications

Addressing positioning, branding, visibility/understanding/receptiveness of service offered.

III. Branding objectives

· Develop the ITN brand profile (positioning, segmentation, targeting)
· Increase customer awareness of ITN brand

IV. Identify and Evaluation of strategic options

Formulate the most appropriate positioning, targeting, segmentation strategies in regards to ITN’s brand values and mission statement

V. Branding Strategy

Adapt the chosen strategic option to match and meet specified branding objectives.

VI. Marketing Mix Management

Analysis and selection of appropriate communications vehicles, including specified direct/email marketing tools, and other marketing services (PR, sponsorship, advertising)
Mix management will display an understanding of ITN’s agreed positioning, targeting and segmentation strategies

VII. Implementation, monitoring and control

Methods to implement, measure and control effectiveness of the strategy will be recommended.

Suggestions of future market opportunities will be identified at this stage.

Other Issues

9 weeks of research

End result deliverable
In-depth report, including action plan and timeline to be delivered by Friday 16th September 2005.
PowerPoint presentation of results on request

ITN to cover all travel costs, invoiced monthly
ITN to cover justifiable research costs, including questionnaire distribution and data collection, to be determined and paid for in advance.

Client Contact
Agreed contact between Tom Galanis and Victoria Jerome, within a reasonable frequency.
Fortnightly report updates commencing Friday 9th July 2005
Further meetings to be arranged as required by either party at key stages

Data Collection Issues
ITN commits to supply relevant company information, which will remain strictly confidential.

At this stage the proposal is very much flexible and any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.

Surveys released for this project:
ITN Branding 42
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