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Project Description

Intermediate Impact Profile: A Descriptive Portrait of College Students who Have Taken The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Project Abstract

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange program is couched in three different but related areas: exeriential learning, higher education in correctional facilities and social justice action/learning. Inside-Out places college students and incarcerated individuals on equal footing, teaching a semester-long college course inside of a correctional facility. Since the program has gone national, the need for an evaluation of the program has arisen. This project is the beginning step in a larger iniative to assess Inside-Out. This survey will identify any behavioral changes occurring in college students who have taken Inside-Out. It is hoped that the results from this survey, though limited to descriptive and correlative relationships, will paint a portrait of the typical "outside" student as well as indicate some of the courses immediate/intermediate impacts. It is also hoped that the results will identify variables of interest for further study.

Surveys released for this project:
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