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Project Description

An Exploratory Research into “Project Requirements Slicingâ€�? as a Means to Promote Project Success

Project Abstract

In Software Engineering, Program Slicing is a technique used to “extract the parts of a program that affect a chosen set of variables at some chosen pointâ€�? within the program to form a slice. “Slices can be very useful in understanding and debugging code, since they comprise only those parts of a program related to a specific … slicing criterionâ€�?, without changing the effect of the original code. (Binkley & Gallagher, 1996; Kinke, 2003; Rilling, 2004pp 5; Vidal, 2001);(Harman, 1995a; 1995b, 2003 access, 2005 access; Harman et al., 1998).
The underlying concept of program slicing has been applied successfully by the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany to create personalized electronic books known as “Book Slicingâ€�?. A personalized electronic book is created by consolidating extracted sections (slices) of one or more original e-books based on its users’ information needs, such as curricula planners, lecturers, students, and instructional designers (Dahn, Armbruster, U, & Schwabe, 2000; Dahn & Schwabe, 2002; Lange, 2001).
This research aims to explore the feasibility of applying this slicing concept on the System Requirements Specifications (SRS), a very important project document because all the subsequent project documents, such as design specifications, statements of work, software architecture specifications, testing and validation plans, and documentation plans, are related to it. (Sommerville & Sawyer, 1997pp 5-7)
The SRS typically is a bulky document consolidating the requirements from different stakeholders with different needs. Requirements are descriptions of a system property or attribute or constraint or how the system should behave (Sommerville & Sawyer, 1997pp 4-5) and stakeholders are people who will be affected by the system and who has a direct or indirect influence on the system requirements (Sommerville & Sawyer, 1997pp 8),. These include the core project team, subject matter experts, technical consultants, project sponsors, suppliers and customers (Robertson & Robertson, 2005). Thus, sliced SRS like sliced electronic book, at the minimum should reduce the stakeholders’ document reading costs.
Presently, the SRS is generally distributed to all the stakeholders in full regardless of their needs.

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