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Project Description

An investigation to the factors that affect identity management adoption

Project Abstract

This research has identified that there is a concern in the IS field in regards to a slow adoption of identity management solutions in the business industry within Australia. Evident in the literature review, identity management solutions are key toward complying with the series of regulations that currently control publicly listed and proprietary organisations. In addition, identity management solutions provide many operational efficiencies in terms of user account management and access provisioning/de-provisioning across an unlimited number of systems. Identity management is also the enabler for single sign-in capabilities, evidently a dying dream of many organisations around the world (Oppliger 2004).

The purpose of this research is to explore and discover the underlying factors that are affecting this slow adoption of IdM solutions in medium to large organisations in Australia. This will not only provide benefit of IdM solution providers, but also benefit CIO’s and IT managers by identifying important issues to consider when planning for new IT adoption and assimilation strategies. Another objective of this research is to find the trend of IT spending for the next 2-3 years of Australian organisations. This will benefit the Australian business world, as it will show direction to aid in IS/IT strategic planning.

Surveys released for this project:
IdM Adoption 86
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