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We are a team of MBA students at the University of Washington that is developing a business plan for a new venture for a class in entrepeneurship, and we would like to use the survey features of this site on our project by asking friends and colleagues to complete a brief product interest survey. You were recommended to us by a member of our team, Pulin Thakkar, who I believe knows the founder of

Project Abstract

The concept we are investigating is for a new service that would allow pet owners to locate missing animals on a 24/7 basis. The system envisioned involves a small wireless cellular device worn on a pet’s collar that locates the animal using the Global Positioning System (GPS). An owner queries the system via phone or Web-based access to receive the GPS data showing the location of their pet, which would be accurate to within a few feet. The location of the animal would be supplied in real time to the owner via a Web site, phone (e.g., SMS message, voice message), e-mail, wireless PDA, page, etc. Regular updates would be available so that owners’ could track the movement of their pets and go directly to their location as needed. The system also could be programmed to alert the owner whenever their pet left a pre-designated boundary, such as moving beyond a certain distance from the owner’s home. The service would be offered on a monthly subscription basis and would be available nation-wide, that is, if the owners were traveling with their pet and it became lost they could locate it relative to their current position.

The results from this survey will be included the buisness plan we are to submit later in the quarter.

Surveys released for this project:
Pet Location Service 15
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