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Decreased Workforce, Increased Workload

Project Abstract

The Statement of the Problem
The Federal government�s dwindling workforce is has had bearing on the Defense Contract Management Agency�s Property Administrator�s ability to perform his duties. The researcher proposes to identify and evaluate methods that give the Property Administrator tools to better perform those duties in a reduced workforce.

Problem Background
The Federal government labor resources are dwindling. The reduction in the Federal workforce has been seen in the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense as an employer, accounting for about thirty-five percent of the Federal civilian workforce, has been on the decline in recent years. The reduction in the Department of Defense payroll will lead to decreases in employment at other agencies. The reduction in the Federal government is also evident at agencies such as the Government Services Administration�s Public Buildings Service. In the past two and one half years the service lost between twenty and twenty-four percent of its workforce. The loss can be attributed to outsourcing inherently non-government work.

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