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High-end retailing study

Project Abstract

The overarching goal of this project is to increase profitability for Bloomingdale�s. The hypothesis of this research study is that profitability can be increased if Bloomingdale�s adjusts its core consumer target. After an extensive review of secondary research, it is proposed that the segment of single professionals, ages 25-40, with household incomes of $65,000 or more, should be included in the core target due to the potential revenue not currently being maximized from this audience. An evaluation of this group is proposed to assess this hypothesis, and determine any deficiencies that may hinder the realization of increased profits from this segment. In addition to trying to gain insight into the overall behavior and attitude of this audience, the research methods outlined in this proposal will attempt to address the following issues:

A. The Purchase Process
i. How frequently do these customers shop at upscale department stores?
ii. How much do they spend at upscale department stores?
iii. What do they purchase at upscale department stores?
B. Attitude of the Target
i. Why do these customers shop at upscale department stores?
ii. How do these customers feel about upscale department stores?
iii. How do these customers rate shopping overall at upscale department stores?
1. Customer Service
2. Assortment of Fashionable Merchandise
3. Facility/Aesthetics
4. Pricing Expectations
5. Negative Experiences

Through a combination of original qualitative and quantitative research, this study will evaluate the stated hypothesis in order to assist Bloomingdale�s in determining a specific action plan for increasing revenues. Detailed on the following pages are the four types of research that will be conducted in the Chicago area across the next month. Proposed research methods include: an ethnographic study, in-depth interviews, a focus group, and an attitudinal survey.

Surveys released for this project:
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