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Attitudes toward quality

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There are so many hypotesis on increasing product value by working on its quality (which affects customers attitudes) . I was trying to look at the issue from the different perspective. Why shouldn�t we ask questions for the members of the �quality crew� (workers of the firm) who are responsible for quality management implementation? They are as important as any other element of this complicated system , but in fact there are no tools (appropriate surveys) for questioning these people about their ideas, fears and hopes During the process of TQM (total quality management) they have to cope with a strong pressure of their direct executive supervisors and managers. Workers are crucial ingredient for any system change. That� s why I found it might be interesting to prepare a survey which would give us an interesting records on their �attitudes to quality management�
This is my thesis I�d like to explore but I�m looking for a specialist who may direct me some interesting articles or books on that issue.

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