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Project Description

The working relationship of photojournalists and reporters: A coorientation study

Project Abstract

Historically, reporters and photojournalists have had a rocky and often dysfunctional relationship in the newsroom as they vie for their respective news products to be consumed by readers. Photojournalists have felt for years as second-class citizens in the newsroom, lagging behind their word-based counterparts in prominence and advancement into management. However, as newspapers have embraced a convergence paradigm, the visual reporters have become a more valuable piece of the news component. The newsroom is evolving as technology changes and one of the major changes that have occurred is that job descriptions are changing to incorporate the new technology skills.
This research, by utilizing the coorientation model, seeks to identify the current state of the relationship between reporters and photojournalists by recognizing how photojournalists view their craft and the crafts of reporters and vice-versa. For a news media outlet to be effective in communicating news to its readers, it relies on the ability of one individual to correctly communicate a message with agreement or understanding to another individual. By creating a baseline assessment of the perceptions of reporters and photojournalists, future empirical studies can effectively evaluate the changes in their relationship as the convergence medium becomes dominant in the delivery of news to consumers.

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