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Project Description

New Orleans: The Incumbency Factor and Demographics - The Outcome of the 2006 Mayorial Election

Project Abstract

With the April primary quickly approaching, candidates for the 2006 Mayorial Election in New Orleans are voicing their opinions to possible constituents hoping for that vote. But, what are the constituents in New Orleans actually thinking? Are New Orleanians happy with the current Mayor, C. Ray Nagin? Are the Mayor's post-Katrina policies effective? Will New Orleanians support Nagin in the upcoming election? With many New Orleanians residing throughout the country New Orleans now has a new demographic profile. What impact will this profile have on the upcoming election? The data from this survey will statistically show the impact that Nagin's incumbency and the new demographic make up of New Orleans will have on the 2006 New Orleans Mayorial Election.

Surveys released for this project:
2006 New Orleans Mayorial Election 15
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