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Benefit Realisation: An investigation into the potential to improve return on investment in IT projects within Entertainment UK, a supply chain intermediary

Project Abstract

It is a widely published statistic that over 50% of capital expenditure within businesses is on Information Technology (Anandarajan & Wen, 1999, p. 329-337). Such a high proportion of business expenditure might lead one to expect that such investments would yield high returns, thereby placing such businesses in a superior position relative to industry competitors. Since the late 1980s however, there has been substantial concern that this is not the case. There have been several examples of high profile organisations (e.g. Nike) failing to secure such returns, to the detriment of their financial performance.
The aims of the dissertation are to explore the lifecycle of IT projects in order to identify key features that should in future be incorporated within Entertainment UK�s IT projects framework, along with recommendations for managing the implementation of changes to the framework, in order to improve the measurable success of such projects in delivering their anticipated benefits.

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