University of Minnesota

Project Description

Integrating Haptic Feedback with Digital Displays and Buttons for Optimal Selection

Project Abstract

As we continue to see increased usage in portable electronic devices, we see an increasing array of interface variations amongst not only those products, but other everyday products as well. Home electronics are beginning to take on new faces, and appliances are beginning to look and feel more like computers, and less like the tools we grew to know. In my study, I plan to evaluate through surveys, interviews, and user testing whether interfaces on common home appliances are opitimized for accomplishing specific user tasks. One specific appliance, a kitchen oven, was found to have as many as four variations of knobs, buttons, and digital displays for acoomplishing two simple tasks. Through user testing, a standard will be set for setting and selection tasks on an oven, so that users can worry less about how to use the oven, and more about whether it will fit in the space allocated.

Surveys released for this project:
Optimized Oven Knob 28
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