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Project Description

Doctoral dissertation - Effects of training in supervision on supervisor factors associated with positive supervision experiences. Matched pair design will survey clinical supervisors and their supervisees, examining supervisor factors and the training background of the supervisor. Doctoral internship sites accredited by the American Pscyhological Association or used by doctoral programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education will be the sample population.

Project Abstract

There is a growing body of literature and research on clinical supervision but the general effectiveness and necessity of supervision has yet to be empirically validated. In a world where psychotherapy is increasingly driven by empirically validated treatments and cost-effectiveness it is noteworthy that supervision lags in providing evidence of either. The absence of detailed knowledge about supervision efficacy probably contributes to the fact that the field of psychotherapy has uneven training of its supervisors and lacks standards and uniformity in how supervision is practiced. Still, supervision continues to be a required part of the training and credentialing of psychotherapists. A six stage model is proposed which examines the effectiveness of supervision from the initial training of the supervisor through client outcomes upon termination from therapy. An exploratory study of the first two stages will examine the relationship between supervisor training and the supervisor variables that may contribute to positive outcomes in the supervision process. It is hoped that these findings will prompt further linkages from supervision factors to therapy factors and eventually client outcomes. Such research will contribute not only to the eventual standardization of supervisor training and practice, but also to the science of psychotherapy.

Surveys released for this project:
Clinical Supervision Survey 104
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