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Students outlook on delinquency

Project Abstract

My name is Dagn� Atlad�ttir and i�m a student at the University of Iceland. I�m conducting an attitude survey along with my associate Fanney D�ra Sigurj�nsd�ttir ( The survey is a segment of our research paper for our Bachelor degree in social work. Our objective is to ask as many as 400 students in year 10 (wich is age 15-16)all over the country about their attitude towards deliquency. We heard about your site from our teachers at the university ( and they recommended your program. This survey is purely for academic use, that is, we do not get paid for this and we would be grateful if we could upgrade our account to the Student Research Sponsorship Program. We have set up a webpage and the link to our survey will be placed there.

Surveys released for this project:
Vi�horf unglinga til afbrota 32
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