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Project Description

The Effects of Physical Activity on Sleep

Project Abstract

The purpose of the study is to determine the effects on physical activity on sleep patterns. Specific aims include comparison of effects of cardiovascular excersice versus weight training, length and frequency of exercise, and time exercise was done on sleep. We will conduct a study on 15-20 subjects ages 18 and older utilizing a sleep web log . Sleep log will include a survey avaible online on sleep and physical activities over the course of 14 days asking their sleep habits in relation to their physical activities. All information will be kept conifdential.We will first find a group of participants for our study and acquire their verbal consent and e-mail addresses. We will then distribute a sleep and activity log online with questions in a survey. The survey will be available online, and each morning, we will send a universal e-mail to remind our participants to complete their surveys online on a secure website. All e-mail addresses are send vai BCC thereby keeping personal information confidential. Attached are the survey questions to be placed online. All e-mail address will be deleted at the completion of the study.

Surveys released for this project:
JHU Sleep Survey 12
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