Schreiner University

Project Description

Interest in Schreiner University on local television.

Project Abstract

Outline: Body of the Formal Report

I. Introduction
� Purpose of the study
- students outlook on having more awareness regarding S.U. activities and events, in the local Hill Country community
- KVHC�s availability to provide a means to distribute S.U. activities and events to the community
- Administration ability to accept the offer
� Method of research
- student survey
- what needs to happen to allow S.U. to grow in student enrollment and technology
- summary of the interview with Mary Silver
II. Analysis of the problem
- more detail on the purpose and method of research
III. Findings
- information, facts examples, statistics, tables, and graphics
- conclusions from the survey
IV. Conclusion and Recommendations
� restate the introduction
� recommendations for S.U.

Surveys released for this project:
Sample Survey 7
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