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There is no information available me to cut and paste from an online source. Basically in the project we have to make a business plan. The reason for me making this survey is to prove market viability. The only info I could get online is below, it does show the project and has a tiny bit about it, if your require any more info please let me know.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
28 points, 0.2333 EFTS
20 Feb 2006 - 02 Jul 2006

The main focus of this course is the independent entrepreneur as business founder. The course covers the nature of entrepreneurs; how and why they start businesses; why many fail; why sustained growth is so rare; how new and small businesses are financed; the management of smaller firms; special features of family firms. Recent research findings will be incorporated. Case studies are used extensively and students must also produce their own business plan.

Learning Outcomes
The capability to advise and/or act appropriately with regard to:
1.Identification and evaluation of new ventures
2.Preparation and critique of business plans
3.Managing small business growth and development
4.Conflict, maturity, and succession within the family business.

Case Study 1 - 10%
Case Study 2 - 10%
Business Plan 09 Jun 2006 - 30%
Final Examination - 50%

There will be four case studies in MGMT 321 and you are required to do at least two. If you hand in more than two, you will receive the two best marks. The four 'due dates' are 10 March; 24 March; 7 April; and 26 May.

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