University of Arizona

Project Description

My research project will be comparing and contrasting the few existing athletic training programs found in the sport club setting. I also will be determining the job satisfaction levels found in the certified athletic trainers working in this setting.

Project Abstract

The purpose of my research project is to determine the job satisfaction levels of certified athletic trainers working in the sport club setting.
To conduct this research project, I am going to first advertise over the NIRSA sport club list-serve my need for certifed athletic trainers working in the sport club setting. Anyone who is interested in voluntarily participating in my research project will be asked to send an e-mail to me stating their interest. I will then send the consent agreement and the questionnaire via e-mail. My questionnaire will ask questions pertaining to the certified athletic trainer's place of employment. I also will be asking job satisfaction questions.

Surveys released for this project:
Job Satisfaction 28
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