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Independent Study 641

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The purpose of this evaluation is to analyze and describe the current expatriate practices of a single company located in Richmond, VA. During an initial meeting with key informants at the company, we have determined that the current outsourced vendor does not conduct surveys or pulse checks of expatriate satisfaction. We want to determine, through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, the current status of expatriate satisfaction with the corporate relocation, at-post, and repatriation processes.
This is not a large-scale system intervention, rather an evaluation of reasonable size and scope.

We will construct an expatriate survey to hone in on potential gaps or troublespots in the relocation program, and pilot the survey to ensure validity. Based on these findings, we will design questions for certain and approved focus groups with pertinent Richmond-based expats. We commit to do this in coordination with the company to assure all questions and techniques are approved. Once we have developed the survey, gathered the response data, and synthesized all findings, we propose to work collaboratively with the HR directors and relocation management specialists to produce recommendations and suggestions for their benefit. These evaluative findings will be for the sole use of our sponsors at the company, and to enhance our academic understanding of conducting research; they are not intended to be published or disseminated outside of the company.

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