University of Sunderland, England

Project Description

The Life Science Centre is a service organisation within the leisure and entertainment industry. The following report will be carried out on behalf of the Life Science Centre, in order to gain a clearer understanding of its quality of service from the customer’s experience and also to accomplish the author’s final degree year requirements.
By looking at the differences between expectations and actual performance, the Life Science Centre will be able to gain a clearer understanding of its customer's perspectives on the centre and it’s quality of service and will therefore have the ability to amend or maintain strategic plans and CRM for the future.

Project Abstract

This report will:
· Define service quality;
· Discuss methods of measuring service quality;
· Offer a critical analysis of methods that may be used to measure service quality, including advantages and disadvantages of each and reasons for choosing the particular model.
· Assess previous customer’s general expectations of service quality in the industry;
· Assess perceptions of the quality of service received whilst at the Life Science Centre;
· Analyse gaps between expectations and perceptions;
· Reflect on findings;
· Propose recommendations to the Life Science Centre’s management;
· Discuss problems met in executing the project;
· Discuss personal gains from the project;

Please note, this is the equivalent to a dissertation except it is named a work placement project by our project tutors. It is based upon a project which should be undertaken whilst on placement during year3 of our course, then merged into a dissertation style research project for uni purposes. Many thanks, Alex

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