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Online Quseir Heritage Centre

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The Quseir Heritage Centre � Community archaeology-driven considerations surrounding the design and creation of an online multimedia-based resource.


Introduction to proposed area of study

The history of Egypt has long been the subject of much research by Western bodies. Today, the future of Egypt has become almost as popular a topic of research as its past. Many foreign institutions, including those educational, philanthropic, charity-based, and commercial, invest their efforts into investigating the potential future of the Egyptian population. A small number of these institutions have begun to consider the benefits of examining the effects of the Egyptian past on the Egyptian future. The preferred method of research is to concentrate efforts on the effects of education, promulgated by these Western institutions, on Egyptian society. Providing a means to facilitate the education of Egyptians about the history of their country is a method that has been popular over past years, most commonly in the form of Western-trained teachers. There have been many texts published that outline the effects of the Western presence in Egypt. This dissertation proposes to investigate the effects of the research into the Egyptian past by these Western institutions on the Egyptian present, and future; and from this research, to produce a multimedia-based community archaeology website resource, the Quseir Heritage Centre (QHC).

Surveys released for this project:
Quseir Layout Survey 12
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