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Project Description

Managing change processes in an international sports organization: a case study of the European Badminton Union

Project Abstract

The dissertation will look into the state of the management of the European Badminton Union, focusing on the way in which it is run and its relationship with the member associations. Although elected on a 3 year basis, historically sports organization volunteers have very long tenures which tend to end only upon a decision to retire. I want to look at why this is and whether it should be seen as a strength or a weakness of the organization. Lately, the relationship between the IBF and the EBU has become quite strained, and in addition to this there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm elsewhere in Europe when it comes to European matters. This results in a weaker EBU, and the question comes up whether it is still desirable and necessary to have a regional organization, and how to successfully motivate its member states into taking a more active part in the organization. I will also be looking into the recruitment methods of the organization, and if there are improvements to be made regarding who is elected and how it is done.

Surveys released for this project:
European Badminton Union 330
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