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Reliable storage: A requirement for enterprise applications

Project Abstract

At the present, in an effort to improve business productivity and customer service, most organisations have already implemented data intensive enterprise applications like: enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), collaborations applications (email, conferencing systems)� this requirement has resulted the accumulation of large amounts of corporate data, and these great amount of data are critical to an organisation�s operation.

Therefore, there is a need to justify, which storage technology is suitable for an organization that integrates the appropriate technologies to meet the requirements to ensuring support for mission critical applications. Matching technologies to organisation demands allows for an optimized storage architecture, providing the best use of capital and IT resources. Helping organisation has a solid storage strategy to ensure that a measurable return on the investment of the storage investment.

Surveys released for this project:
Storage for Enterprise Applications 24
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