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Business Attire: does it really matter

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The telecommunications competitive arena continues to transform right in front of our eyes. Mergers and acquisitions seem to be the norm. With every decision there can and are often severe consequences. As we look to maximize worker productivity we find ourselves in a constant state of change. Over the past few months I have observed a unique phenomenon amongst the employees within our Competitive Market Analysis team. While there has been no clear directive the way it which we dress has swung more in line with what many would define as business professional attire instead of business casual attire. With various corporations pulling back and redefining polices as they relate to dress code it does make one wonder why the sudden shift and is their evidence that supports a shift in behavior. In an effort to understand more about this unique dynamic I ask, should the Competitive and Analysis team alter its dress code policy as a means for enhancing worker productivity?

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Workplace Attire: Does It Really Matter? 22
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