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Determionants of Behavioral Intention to adopt 3G

Project Abstract

Malaysian mobile service providers are embracing the recently adopted global 3rd generation (3G) wireless standards in order to provide new services. It is introduced to Malaysian in May 2005 by Celcom Bhd and August 2005 by Maxis. The 3G wireless protocols support much higher data rates and it represents a shift from voice-centric services to multimedia-oriented in the form of voice, data, and video services. While there has been a great deal of excitement in view of 3G technology and its services, very little is actually known about the users� perceptions and readiness to adopt 3G services in the country. This study will investigate selected respondents on their perceptions on the usefulness, ease of use and enjoyment of 3G. The users� interest on the 3G services offered and the factors that discouraging them from migrating to 3G were examined as well. As 3G technology is relatively new in Malaysia, this study would provide useful information, and specifically beneficial to the mobile service operators in understanding the slow adoption of 3G among the society members. The subject of the study was the mobile users on the ICT forums on Malaysia domain. Both descriptive and inferential statistics approaches will be used to analyze the data collected.

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