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African American Woman Myths

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I am studying the effect of society´┐Żs negative stereotypes on the African American woman and the affect it has on her in the workplace. My paper will examine the African American women myths at the workplace, is she a Jezebel who uses her body to get ahead or the Mammy who sacrifices for the success of others, or is she the lazy Welfare Mother only working so she can stay in the program? How do these stereotypes affect the women who wear the label? With the assistance of surveys and a literature review, I hope to answer these and other questions. The information gathered is strictly for a graduate level paper. I would like your assistance in this matter, as much as possible. Below you will find the survey it contains three parts: Demographic Information, so I can gauge by age, race and gender, and education; Stereotypes, to measure your knowledge of stereotypes; and Affects/Effects to learn about your experiences.

Surveys released for this project:
African American Woman Myths 15
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