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Project Description

Social Anxiety in College Students: Avoidance and Response Bias in Instant Messaging

Project Abstract

Instant messaging (IM) is an integral part of communication for adolescents. However, it is problematic because it lacks prosodic factors found in spoken language and encourages egocentrism in its users. Additionally, individuals may use the internet and IM in particular, to feel less intimidated in social situations. The purpose of this study is to examine whether higher levels of anxiety are related to: using IM more often than face-to-face communication in uncomfortable situations and rating an ambiguous instant message more negatively. Instant messenger usage and level of social anxiety of psychology undergraduates will be assessed using an electronic survey. A description of the major results and an explanation of possibly why the present results were obtained will be reported later.

Surveys released for this project:
Instant Message Usage Survey 61
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