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Project Description

What�s at Stake: The Legislation of Online Poker

Project Abstract

The category of our project will be online gambling. The title of our project is What�s at stake: The legislation of online poker. There is currently legislation pending a vote in the senate to ban online gambling. The purpose of our project will be to see what people think about the issue of online gambling and their opinions on legislation of online poker. Our objectives will be to learn about online gaming usage, to get opinions on the issue of online poker being banned, and to determine what safeguards respondents would like if online poker was legalized and regulated. We plan on using a focus group to help us create our survey and reach those objectives. We chose this topic due to the pending legislation and the long-term impact of this legal situation. Over 80 million Americans play poker and we want to show that Americans would like to continue playing poker.

Surveys released for this project:
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