University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Project Description

Market Research for the Eau Claire Public Library

Project Abstract

This research project will focus on satisfaction for the Eau Claire Public Library. We will collect both descriptive and exploratory research from primary and secondary sources. We hope to solve the following problems:

� College Students not using the public library
� Few know about programs and events
� Misconception on parking
� People are checking out less material
� Why is attendance low, when people enjoy the library

The following opportunities have been identified:
� How can the awareness of the public library be increased for students at UWEC?
� How can the awareness of different services be increased among the community?
� What specials or ads would give a student a reason to attend the library?
� What can be added to the library to make it more appealing for the public?
� Why off-campus students choose to attend the UWEC library rather than Phillips?

Surveys released for this project:
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Survey 36
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