Boston University Graduate School of Management

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MBA Alumni Reunion Survey

Project Abstract

The Boston University Graduate Schhol of Management hosts an annual MBA Alumni Reunion.

The problem symptom is that they are not receiving the attendance they feel is warranted by the event.

The root cause is the Office of Alumni Relations does not know what preferences Alumni have for this yearly event.

Our conjoint analysis will be attempting to determine the features and events alumni are interested in with the goal of increasing the participation rate.

Our sample is all MBA alumni who have graduated from the school of management. Our sample frame is 4,000 MBA alumni stretching back the last 10 years who have an email on file with Boston University. Each of these people will receive a link from the Alumni office in which they will be led to Question Pro and asked to evalute options.

The options will be 7 features with 3 gradiated levels a piece. Our full factorial will be 2,187 cards, with our fractional factorial as 18 cards. The features we will be testing will be: Breakfast, Morning Activity, Lunch, Afternoon Activity, Cocktails-type, Cocktails/Dinner-Location and price.

At the end we will ask the normal demographic and behavioral question to get a sense of who is responding and how they are responding.

Surveys released for this project:
BU MBA Reunion Survey 33
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