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The Effects of User-created Content on Online Game Player Satisfaction

Project Abstract

The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of user-created content versus publisher-only created content on the amount of satisfaction derived by individual players of massively multiplayer online games. The study predicts that online games that empower their users to create and submit content provides greater amounts of satisfaction than with online games that only contain content created by the publisher. The study also predicts that, players of user-created content are willing to spend more money on their game and game related goods in order to enhance their gaming experience than with games that are based on content only provided by the publisher.

This research project will adopt a cross-sectional design in examining the relationship between content creation type and behaviors which result from satisfying the game player�s satisfaction within the framework of David McClelland�s Theory of Needs. The independent variable in the hypotheses is gaming content type. The dependent variables are the amount of satisfaction, amount of money spent per month on the game, amount of time spent weekly playing the game and the age of the subscription account used. The control variables are individual online game players� age, income, gender, and marital status.

In order to measure the independent and dependent variables, a survey questionnaire will be developed. The survey will measure participants� perception of achievement, power, and affiliation they have obtained in the game and the amount of time and money spent in the game. Most questions will be based on 5 point Likert type scaling.

The population of the study consists of 285 people, players who have played both Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG and Star Wars simulators in Second Life MMORPG. A nonrandom sample of 100 players will be selected using snowball and volunteering methods. Questionnaires will be taken via a web based online survey system developed specifically for this study.

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