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Project Description

Power Generating Fitness Center Survey

Project Abstract

In order to determine the potential success of a power-generating fitness facility, our group felt it necessary to create a user survey of gym-attendees. This is necessary because there is no reason to waste money on gym development if there is no market for the idea. By creating and posting a survey for potential users of a power-generating fitness facility, we will be better equipped to gauge the overall popularity of the idea, therefore predicting the potential profit revenue from eventual membership.
We divided this survey creation task into several pieces: examining survey history, collecting gym demographics, reviewing survey methodology, analyzing distribution methods, and researching online survey posting techniques. Each of these components is key to our overall research because survey development is often done carelessly, resulting in inaccurate and biased responses, useless for evaluation of the survey topic.

Surveys released for this project:
Power Generating Fitness Center Survey 15
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