Nova Southeastern University

Project Description

Quantatitive Research of Informal Resolution Training
in a military context.

Project Abstract


This study was conducted to determine if Equal Opportunity
Representatives prefer a lecture approach to Informal
Resolution System training over an interactive scenario
based approach to training during their required annual
training. A group of 28 Equal Opportunity Representatives
were surveyed at two training sites over a two-week period.
The survey contained a training scenario for the students
to evaluate. The scenario consists of the use of the two
different approaches to training. The two approaches include
a traditional lecture approach as well as a more interactive
scenario approach that allows the students to take part in
the instruction. The third question consisted of inquiring
the length of time that the participants were in the program.

Surveys released for this project:
Training preference 3
Training Services Evaluation - COPIED [HTSIDKNOWI] 10
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