University of Manitoba

Project Description

Survey of Orthodontic residents in Canada

Project Abstract

The research problem we have is that there is no information in the literature that describes the demographics, profiles and future motivations of graduate orthodontic resident. It is important that the profession identify if there are individuals interested in pursuing careers in academics and if individuals plan to practice in rural or in urban areas. It is also important to know how orthodontic residents feel about their education, so that curriculum could perhaps be altered and improved. Furthermore, professional organizations can have assistance in drafting policy based on the results of this survey. For instance, knowledge can be gained of how orthodontic residents feel about whether a 35 month program is necessary, or whether a masters of science is necessary. Currently, educators and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists and the Royal College examining board is debating whether to make it a requirement for licensure as an orthodontist for the candidate to be in a 35 month long program. The information gained from this survey will assist in this determination.

Surveys released for this project:
Survey of Orthodontic Residents in Canada 51
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