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The Viability of Open Source ERPs for SMEs

Project Abstract

For a long time, smaller companies purchased individual accounting and payroll packages and then migrated to expensive ERP solutions as they grew. They did not have many options as ERP solutions were costlier and required magnitude and many employees to justify their use.

Now, with many open source software coming out, it is possible for SMEs to go in for ERPs at an earlier stage. There are several in the market including Compiere, webERP, ERP5 and TinyERP. However companies have to carefully study individual requirements because besides that the software is free, an implementation demands time and a considerable investment of money.

This project aims to critically evaluate open source ERPs and their use by SMEs, analyse the features of the open source ERP solutions and then obtaining on a survey with users, developers, IT managers and other professionals involved the real efficiency of these projects and their suitability for SMEs. In addition, the project will also establish a comparison of open source ERPs with the top four commercial ERP packages (SAP, SSA, JDEdwards and Microsoft).

Surveys released for this project:
Viability of Open Source ERP for SMEs 33
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