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Project Description

Online Shopping

Project Abstract

The purpose of this investigation is to find the reasons people have for shopping online, and to discover the reasons behind whether customers shop online or not.
The key questions are:
� What are the main reasons for customers to shop online?
� What are the levels of subscription for online shopping?
- How aware are customers who do not use online shopping aware of it?
� How hard do companies push online shopping? E.g. �Shop online at�
� What are more commonly purchased online: tangible or non-tangible products?
� What are the levels of satisfaction?
� How much post-sales support is available?
� Is online shopping an additional service for busy customers or specifically to reduce store numbers and cut costs at the expense of customer service?
� Is the next step to introduce �online only� products?
� How many people are lost at each stage of online ordering, e.g. �giving up� due to excessive levels of categorisation and not finding what they are looking for easily?

Surveys released for this project:
Online Shopping Survey 20
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