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Project Description

Scaffolding Accidents and Fatalities

Project Abstract

The primary aim for this project is to collect international data for fatalities and injuries in past years within the scaffolding industry, with the objective being to then analyse the data to show the progress made in health and safety management in each country, and to compare this data between the countries.

The next aim is to compile a questionnaire, the objective of which is to try and discover the reasons for any differences in the accident and fatality rates, and to make suggestions as to how to improve health and safety management within the scaffolding industry of Great Britain and worldwide.

The secondary aim is to look at some specific environmental aspects of scaffolding, which could be on an international scale or just in Great Britain, and to see their benefits to both the industry and the public.

Surveys released for this project:
Scaffolding Accidents and Fatalities 28
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