University of Southern California

Project Description

Final research project and paper to obtain a M.A. degree in Communication Management.

Project Abstract

Men in modern society around the world are showing an increasing interest in their appearance as seen by the growing trend to perform self-care practices in order to enhance the way they look. This research explores the changing gender identity of men in the United States (US) in relation to men in the United Kingdom (UK) along with the increasing potential of men’s personal care market, with a focus on facial skin care products. Due to the lack of research studies on men’s personal care attitudes and behavior in the US, studies on men in the UK will be compared and discussed. With a thorough review of several studies on consumer behavior and attitudes of males in general, it will be easier to assess the current trend of male grooming. Therefore, the main objective of this literature review is to gain a better understanding of male consumer behavior towards personal care in the US due to men’s attitude towards self-identity and self-image. The results suggest ways marketers can better target men in the US by incorporating strategies that will benefit different sub-groups of men and their needs. The research concludes with future research questions that can further aid to the knowledge of male consumers in the US and possibly worldwide.

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