Bournemouth University

Project Description

A critical investigation into brand personality (from a consumer perspective) within the fashion retail market with particular reference to Primark.

Project Abstract


To discover the current perceived brand personality of Primark within the fashion industry and to make recommendations as to whether it is sustainable.


� To critically evaluate existing literature and theories on branding, brand personality and the UK retail fashion industry searches.
� To analyse the perceived brand personality of Primark compared to other big players within the fashion retail market (from a consumer perspective).
� To critique previous brand personality frameworks and form a new framework that can be used to analyse the retail sector in the UK.
� To investigate whether Primark would still be Primark without certain brand personality characteristics.
� To analyse why consumers humanise brands.
� To make recommendations for the Primark�s future branding.

Surveys released for this project:
Dissertation 64
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