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Economic Study of Azeroth

Project Abstract

Several Years ago, early on in the life of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), research was conducted in the world of Norrath. This "country" had about 12,000 who called it home, and about 60,000 in it most of the time, and had a GNP between that of Russia and Bulgaria. With the way the worlds of MMOs have grown in population, it feels like it's about time to perform another census. Now, in 2007, in the world of Azeroth there are more than 8 million who visit, including more than 2 million from North America. This survey strives to gather information on the population of Azeroth, to better fascilitate calculations of GNP, Average Potential Wage, and other standard economic statistics listed for physical countries in the CIA world fact book.

Surveys released for this project:
World of Warcraft Economic Survey (WOWES) 18
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