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Project Description

Discovery and Impact: Assessing the role of digital technology on the dissemination of historical moving image content.

Project Abstract

The Poston Relocation Center film has not been viewed in over sixty years and has likely never before been seen by the Japanese American community and the broader community. The Arizona Historical Foundation wishes to make the film remotely accessible in accordance with their primary objective of preserving and providing access to unique and historical material. Although well preserved, the repeated viewing of this film would likely cause severe and irreparable damage. The purpose of this applied project is to determine if the use of digital video encoding technology is the most effective way for the Arizona Historical Foundation to provide broadened access to the film. This project will research the use of this technology as both a means of access and as a means of preservation in modern archival repositories. Perhaps the greatest effect that broadened availability of rarely viewed archival film and video is the impact that it is having on historians, archivists, and broader community. The social and historical significance of the film will also be examined.

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