Project Description

nternet marketing practice in publicly funded Art Galleries and Museums in the UK

Project Abstract

I want my work to serve as �a mirror� to the organisations from the chosen sub-sector. I want art galleries and museums to see their clear reflection within a right context of their own group. I hope that providing art museums/galleries marketing departments with a good practice benchmark will accelerate their development. As any sector they need to be supplied with suitable data to compare their performance, evaluate campaigns and furthermore to give a clear example of how other organizations have solved similar problems to the ones they might face. Examples gained from the experience of colleagues in similar fields are easily transferable allowing lessons to be learnt faster and thus avoiding attempts to reinvent the wheel. Knowledge of the similarities and differences that occur within similar organizations in the same sector will allow them to work, not only in much more effective way but equally will allow them to feel more comfortable seeing their work in a larger context.

Surveys released for this project:
Internet Marketing Practice in Publicly Funded Art 51
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