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Project Abstract

What is the connection between social background and the way we see images?

The Media2Poltiic Project attempts to address this issue by focusing on people's political values and the way they interpret images.

The project is in two parts:

1) A blog will be developed using contemporary images. Students will be asked to comment on the images posted on the blog by answering predetermined questions. These questions will revolve around contemporary political issues.

2) A sample of 125 City University students will complete an online survey that asks them to make political judgments about randomly selected images. First, the demographic, economic, and cultural backgrounds of the students will be recorded. Second, students will be asked about their political feelings towards such contemporary issues as homosexaulity, religious freedom, economic freedom, and gun control. Finally, students will be asked about their feelings towards a random selection of images using traditional likert scales. Culture class and class culture differences will be assessed using the results from the survey.

- Stephanie Jeanjean and Roderick Graham...CUNY Graduate Center and New Media Lab

Surveys released for this project:
This Project Has Not Released Any Surveys so far ....
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