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This research shall be based on the mobile phone users population in Malaysia, we will look into understanding the current mobile phone users especially on their readiness of adapting to 3G services. The importance of 3G is in view of increasingly congested 2G GSM networks and without 3G, operators might have a capacity problem and not be able to provide new services. At the end of the research, the findings can be used to formulate strategies for 3G service providers to position its market offerings. In the other hand, the result of this research could also be used as a decision support to reduced practices of services which are not expected by the customers in order to keep its operation as efficient as possible. Efficient operation will save expenses which are very crucial for such particular business model.

Ideally, this research is expected to give a result which could be generalized to entire population of mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia. That could only happen if there were sufficient initial data which provide quantitative representation of mobile phone subscribers. Due to unavailability of such data, we decided to develop a limited respondent based on the non-probability sampling, which only focuses on four Government Link Company (GLC) and one university. With this sampling, we believe it suffices requirements to represent the population of our study, or at least to give a general picture on how actually mobile phone users perceive 3G services.

Surveys released for this project:
3G Readiness Survey 55
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